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Clock systems

Earn a Better Grade in Timekeeping
Smeed’s complete line of synchronized timekeeping solutions allows your teachers and staff members to focus on what they do best — providing your students with a rich learning experience.

Better Learning Environment
When every clock within your facility is in sync, teachers can maximize learning time, students and buses run on schedule, and hallway traffic flows smoothly. Synchronized clocks:

• Ensure your entire facility is on the same time—no more students roaming the halls while others are still in class.

• Guarantee students have the correct amount of time to take standardized tests, including countdown timers so students know how much time is left.

• Integrate seamlessly with your paging and intercom systems for a complete internal communication and timekeeping solution.

Easy Investment
When compared to inexpensive, non-synchronized clocks that lose time and require frequent maintenance, our stand-alone master clocks and integrated time keeping solutions deliver an unmatched return on your investment.
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Rauland Telecenter products RB-WCXATRAN
Rauland’s wireless clocks provide easily installed, low maintenance solutions for synchronized time. The 467 MHz frequency provides superior wireless coverage...
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Rauland Wireless System for Healthcare & Education

Sapling SAP-SMA3000
Sapling’s new SMA 3000 series master clock comes fully equipped with a crisp LED readout and a backlit two line...
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Sapling Wireless  Clock system