Today’s voice networks demand flexible ways of working and to provide excellent customer service. Organizations seek to extend the reach of their converged voice and data networks to integrate with mobile communications without compromising on voice quality, availability and security.

NEC’s Mobility platforms realizes all of this, and much more. Our desktop telephones and applications provide your staff with the right communications tools for a premier multimedia user experience. Enable your staff to work from anywhere more efficiently and also improve customer service at the same time.

Smeed offers feature rich, user friendly NEC communication networks at all levels of technology including: Analog, Digital, VOIP, Cellular, and Cloud based solutions.


Clients and staff want to communicate quickly and easily. There is low tolerance for long call-holding periods, incorrect call routing or lost messages. NEC’s Univerge InMail is the ideal solution for government agencies wishing to maximize customer satisfaction by ensuring that all callers get to the staff and information they need without prohibitive hold times or dropped calls.

InMail automates your communications by providing digitally-integrated voice messaging capabilities and Automated Attendant features. This embedded solution for the Univerge SV9100 unified communications platform can help meet your communications needs both now and in the future


An installed voice & alert paging system allows you to communicate messages to your customers and staff at anytime,  Smeed can provide you with a system that will provide a clear message every time.


Your storefront has the human element, but online shopping poses a threat to your hands-on advantage. Keep your advantage and your customers safe with security solutions that do more for you. Intelligent technology helps gather shopping data while 4K video resolution shows every detail. We understand this and have the answers you are looking for.

Retailers are looking for specific requirements when designing a surveillance system with their priorities laying in two key areas:

  • Security and Loss Prevention: Combat shoplifting, internal theft, cashier fraud, and ensure a secure & safe shopping environment.
  • Business Intelligence: Reduce operating expense (OPEX), increase store operating efficiency, and enhance profits by grasping the direct relationship between foot traffic data and transaction data.

Contact Smeed to design and install a new or updated CCTV system for your store or offices today. Our systems enable users to review live and recorded events on site and remotely via mobile devices and remote network locations.


Easy-to-use cloud-based communications platform that helps staff to be more productive and collaborative. It includes a full-featured phone system combined with chat, web/video conferencing, and files sync, share and backup capabilities


With Smeed and Crestron media equipment, you don’t have to think about   your technology; it just works. Cutting-edge presentation systems securely connect a laptop to the room’s display with only a single cable. Stream scalable 4K video and play high-quality audio throughout the room with easy-to-use video and audio distribution systems. Source or display control is as simple as touching a button on a touch screen. Cable management systems enable everyone in the room to plug in or power their laptops without the mess and tangle of untidy wires. Crestron employs scalable, interoperable technologies for flexible and intelligent court or conference rooms throughout your organization. Smeed can handle all of your AV needs and provide the systems you are looking for.


Smeed is a distributor of Panduit network products. We offer a range of copper cabling solutions to fit the needs of all types of applications. From trading floors to operating rooms, classrooms to store fronts, Panduit’s copper systems provide the infrastructure needed to support networks of all shapes and sizes. Quality is our number one concern, resulting in products that are engineered and produced with reliability and durability in mind.


Smeed specializes in facility access systems that allow authorized personnel but restrict others, providing an additional measure of security for government operations.


Sound Enhancement Systems are designed especially for use in public areas, where hearing can be difficult. It actually brings a speaker’s voice, music or other program sound directly to the listener’s ear, so that distracting noises, reverberation or distance from the sound source no longer interfere with a person’s ability to hear. These systems can be added to existing sound systems or can be free standing. Smeed sells Infra-red, Inductive loop, FM, and WIFI systems.


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