In today’s complex world educational facilities need to provide clear and concise announcements for several different situations to all areas of a campus, group of campuses or an entire school district.

This is essential for the safety of school staff, students, and parents.  Many of these announcements should be pre-program as sequences, which can be recalled at a moment’s notice.  Lock downs, Evacuations, Fire Drills, Shelter in place, Class Change, Earthquake, Weather alerts, are just a few situations where a preprogrammed notification can help ensure the safety of people at the facility. The response should be quick and easy for administrators to implement. When seconds matter – appropriate, immediate notifications can make the difference and save lives.

The Rauland Telecenter U (TCU) system is the leading critical communication system on the market.  It is an easy to use, flexible communications network for your school and the entire district. The system is based upon the latest Voice over IP technology (VoIP) that is integrated into your existing data network for a pure IP solution.  Alternatively, in many cases, it can be implemented using your existing intercom wiring and room devices.  The TCU can also be implemented as a hybrid network using a combination of existing intercom infrastructure and VoIP technology. This system was designed specifically for educational facilities by Rauland, the leader in K-12 critical communication technology.

The Rauland TCU empowers regular office staff to easily handle emergency notifications, everyday Bell scheduling, Two way communications, Paging, Visual messaging, and clock displays.


Easy-to-use cloud-based communications platform that helps staff to be more productive and collaborative. It includes a full-featured phone system combined with chat, web/video conferencing, and files sync, share and backup capabilities


We are proud to be a longstanding NEC telephone dealership, having installed the very first privately owned PBX system in Lane County! NEC offers telephone systems ranging from a basic office telephone system to the most advanced networked multi-location IP based phone systems.


Create a Better Learning Environment. When every clock within your facility is in sync, teachers can maximize learning time, students and buses run on schedule, and hallway traffic flows smoothly. Smeed can provide affordable wireless clock equipment for your needs.


Sound Enhancement Systems are designed especially for use in public areas, where hearing can be difficult. It actually brings a speaker’s voice, music or other program sound directly to the listener’s ear, so that distracting noises, reverberation or distance from the sound source no longer interfere with a person’s ability to hear. These systems can be added to existing sound systems or can be free standing. Smeed sells Infra-red, Inductive loop, FM, and WIFI systems.


Media collaboration systems need to automate operations and optimize performance while providing a user friendly experience. A true collaboration system incorporates Audio, Video, Content and Network connectivity into a unified solution. The system needs to be simple to operate and versatile enough to facilitate a true learning experience.  Linking systems with automated operation enhances staff and students creativity. This can help to facilitate a more creative and positive learning environment.


A voice reinforcement system for the classroom allows a teacher to be heard clearly and at the same time provide assistance for hearing-impaired students. Studies have shown these systems enhance learning retention, diminish off task behavior and increase ELL word retention. Smeed has a variety of solutions for all classroom multi-media needs!


Installed sound is evolving rapidly and Yamaha is leading the field. No other manufacturer offers the total input-to-output support and quality that Yamaha provides simply because none has the background, know-how, and breadth of resources to bring to bear. Smeed uses Yamaha products to design and install superior sound systems for gyms, multi-use rooms, theaters and athletic fields.


Need a security system, door access control system or CCTV system? Smeed can design, install and maintain systems designed specifically for your facility. Whether you want traditional CCTV or video over IP we have the equipment and expertise to fit your needs!


Smeed is a distributor of Panduit network products. We offer a range of copper cabling solutions to fit the needs of all types of applications. From trading floors to operating rooms, classrooms to store fronts, Panduit’s copper systems provide the infrastructure needed to support networks of all shapes and sizes. Quality is our number one concern, resulting in products that are engineered and produced with reliability and durability in mind.


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