Alarm Systems for Healthcare, Eugene, Oregon

When it comes to a patient’s health, you don’t take any chances. This same philosophy should hold true when it comes to your communication systems — especially in terms of the emergency medical environment that hospitals and acute care facilities operate within.

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Alarm Systems for Education, Eugene, Oregon

Communication is critical to the safety and security of your Educational facility. Communication between staff, students, and parents enhances the learning process. We can design a combined network that connects Paging, Intercom, Telephone, Door control, & Visual messaging  into a unified system.

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Alarm Systems for Business, Eugene, Oregon

Managing the flow of information is especially important in the business world. Your livelihood depends on the performance of your voice communications network. Smeed Communication Services understands this and will install the system that is best suited to your specific needs.

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House of Worship

Alarm Systems for Houses of Worship, Eugene, Oregon

We recognize the importance of high quality Audio and Visual systems for  Houses of Worship. We have access to the most advanced electronic and telecommunications equipment. We also have the training necessary to design, install and service the systems we provide.

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Alarm Systems for Government, Eugene, Oregon

Sharing information is critical in today’s world. Effective government operations depends on the performance of its network system. Smeed Communication Services understands this critical need and is on hand to install the most up-to-date systems that keeps government functioning smoothly.

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Security Cameras with IntelliSee, Eugene, Springfield, Oregon

Security Cameras with IntelliSee

IntelliSee continuously scans areas covered by your existing cameras for threats that put people and your organization at risk. IntelliSee turns your existing passive surveillance cameras into proactive risk-mitigation tools so you can protect your people, reputation, and financial well-being.
Network Cabling, Eugene, Oregon

Network Cabling

We specialize in installing dynamic and cost-effective network communication systems built to meet the needs of your business. Smeed is a distributor of Panduit network products, offering a range of cabling solutions for all of your voice, data, video, and multimedia system requirements.
Alarm Systems Eugene, Oregon

Alarm Systems

Having a security system can help give you peace of mind, whether you are at your home or business, or if you are away. Smeed ensures that all access points to your building will be fitted with the most appropriate detectors and alarms.


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