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"Smeed's Moments in Time"

It was 56 years ago in Eugene Oregon when a new presidential hopeful came to town with big dreams and ideas to relay to the people of Oregon.

It happened in front of the Lane County court house and Smeed Communication Services was there to help John F. Kennedy to achieve his goal of becoming the 35th president of the United States of America.

Here are some of the remarks of Senator John F. Kennedy, on September 7, 1960

Ladies and gentlemen, the sun shines bright today but I have been here enough times to know that the sun does not always shine in the city of Eugene. [Laughter.] But that is what makes the woods grow and that is what makes this State a rich State. I am delighted to be here in this campaign. I spent a good many days of my life in the primaries, traveling around the State of Oregon, and I am delighted as a candidate to come back to this State, which played a major role in helping me get nominated at Los Angeles. [Applause.]

This is a great country, but I believe it can be a greater country, and I think it is our responsibility to join in that great effort. [Applause.] There are many areas of our national life where I think we could do better, but I am concerned today in this State, in this town, with one area which I believe to be almost the most important, and that is how can we improve our educational system so that we can train our people in those qualities of self-discipline and self-restraint and personal character which makes it possible for us to maintain a free society. A free society is the most difficult of all kinds of government to maintain, and it can only be done if we have the best educated and the best trained citizens.

Smeed is Happy to have been a part of this event and many other important moments in Oregon's history. We have extended the hopes and dreams of many a presidential candidate including JFK's brother Robert in 1968.

Smeed is a professional sound company specializing in sound and video systems for Government, Businesses, Schools, and Houses of Worship. If you would like help getting your dreams and ideas heard, give Smeed Communication Services a call.

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