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New NEC SV8100 Feature enhancements

New NEC SV8100 Feature enhancements | Business Articles and InstallationsNEC has recently annouced some NEW (OR ENHANCED) SV8100 FEATURES

Account Codes are enhanced
User-dialed Account Codes that help the system administrator categorize calls while placing a trunk call or anytime while on a call. These codes are now entered anytime during and incoming or outgoing call and capacities have been increased.

Allows any station extension to work as an Alarm clock. An extension user can use an alarm to remind them of a meeting, appointment, etc.

Alphanumeric Display - enhanced
The Multi-button display on the telephones now have a 3-line, 24-character-per-line alphanumeric display that provides various feature status messages. The bottom line works with the 4 softkeys for numerous system features, thus relieving the use of dedicated buttons.

Background Music (BGM)
Sends music from a customer-provided music source to the speakers of the multiline telephone when the station is idle.

Call Forwarding options are enhanced
* Call Forwarding when Busy or Unanswered
* Call Forwarding Immediate
* Call Forwarding with Both Ringing
* Call Forwarding when Unanswered
* Call Forwarding Follow Me
* Personal Answering Machine Emulation

Call Forwarding/Do Not Disturb Override
An extension user can override Call Forwarding or Do Not Disturb at another extension. This is helpful, for example, to dispatchers and office managers who need to get through to the extension.

Call Forwarding, Off-Premise
Allows an extension user to forward their calls to an off-site location.

Call Forwarding with Follow Me
While at a co-worker's desk, a user can have Call Forwarding with Follow Me redirect their calls to the co-worker's extension.

Call Monitoring
Allows selected multiline terminal users to monitor another user's conversation without the ability to participate. A programmable, audible alert tone can be sent to that station user.

Call Redirect
Allows a multiline terminal user to transfer a call to a pre-defined destination (such as an operator, voice mail, or another extension) without answering the call. By pressing the Call Redirect key, the call is transferred, allowing the user to continue with the current call.

Caller ID
Allows a display terminal to show an incoming caller's telephone number (the Directory Number or DN), and optional name. The caller Id is also stored in the voice mail with each message and is shown in the display while listening to the message. Each telephone user can scroll through their last 50 received calls and easily redial the number shown.

Caller ID Call Return from Voice Mail
When a user is checking voice mail messages, they can direct the voice mail system to use Caller ID information that was captured with the message to call and connect the person who left the message. After the call is ended by either party, the voice mail user returns to checking messages.

Computer Telephony Integration (Desktop Applications)
The SV8100 system offers desktop PC/network applications that help you integrate the telephone system with your computer applications. A PC attendant is available to help your receptionist efficiently handle calls and provide superior information about all employees in your operation and their status. A PC assistant is available to help individual station users interface with their PC applications. Dialing out from Outlook or any other application is just a click away. And, for the worker on the go who would like to have their phone built into their laptop, the NEC SV8100 Softphone emulates a complete telephone in a window environment.

Conference is enhanced
The SV8100 has enhanced conference ability. With Conference, a user may set up a multiple-party telephone meeting without leaving the office. The SV8100 provides 64 Conference ports and supports up to two 32 party conferences.

Dial Number Preview
Allows a user with a display-equipped multiline terminal to dial and review a number before the system dials it.

Digital Voice Mail
The new SV8100 Voice Mail is user friendly and uses the softkeys for accessing the messages and features.

Direct Inward Dialing (DID) is enhanced
Allows outside callers to dial system extensions directly and now shows the caller ID of the caller when using PRI.

Directory Dialing
Allows a multiline terminal user using the softkeys to select a co-worker or outside caller from a list of names, rather than dialing the telephone number. There are four types of Directory Dialing:
* SYS - Company (Common) System Speed Dials
* SPDg - Department (Group) Speed Dials
* STA - Personal Speed Dials
* EXT - Co-worker's Extensions

Do Not Disturb is enhanced
Blocks incoming calls and paging announcements. Five Do Not Disturb options are available at each extension:
* 1 = Incoming trunk calls blocked
* 2 = Paging, incoming Intercom, call forwards and transferred trunk calls blocked
* 3 = All calls blocked
* 4 = Incoming call forwards blocked
* 0 = Do Not Disturb canceled

Door Box
A self-contained intercom unit typically used to monitor an entrance door is available.

Elite Apps - Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
A software application that accepts a combination of voice telephone input, database information, and telephone keypad selections to provide audio (usually voice) information to callers and databases, place calls, transfer calls, and send e-mail messages.

Flexible Timeouts are enhanced
This feature provides a variety of timers are available and programmable on a per phone basis.

Group Listen
Permits a multiline terminal user to talk on the handset and have their caller's voice broadcast over the telephone speaker so others can hear the conversation.

Handset Mute
While talking on the multiline terminal handset, a station user can dial a feature code or press the MIC button to mute the transmit speech path.

Headset Operation
All multiline terminals are equipped with a headset connection for wired or wireless headsets.

ISDN Compatibility PRI
o DID Line Service
o Calling Line Identification Presentation (CLIP)
o Calling Party Number (CPN) Presentation from

o Enhanced 911 Service with ISDN PRI
o SMDR Includes Dialed Number
o Display Shows Why Caller ID is Not Available

Last Number Redial is enhanced
Allows an extension user to scroll through the last 10 calls they made and quickly redial the number dialed.

Name Storing is enhanced
Extensions and trunks can have names instead of just circuit numbers. These names show on the display of a multiline terminal when the user places or answers calls. A name can be up to 12 digits long, consisting of alphanumeric characters, punctuation marks and spaces.

Mobile Extension
Allows your cell phone (or any other phone) to ring at the same time as your desk phone. It allows you to answer at either location and then transfer the caller to any other system telephone, even from your cell phone. Other features are also available when your system is equipped with the

Direct Inward Dialing feature.
Night Service is enhanced
When activated, Night Service redirects calls for up to 8 modes such as after hours message, lunch message, meeting, weekend etc.

PC Programming
The SV8100 introduces three different methods for programming. The first is via the handset, the second is by PCPro and the third by WebPro. PCPro is a Microsoft® Windows® based application. It allows the technician/system administrator to download a database from the phone system, make changes, and then upload. New to the SV8100 is WebPro. This application is a Web server running on the CPU card of the SV8100. No special installation program is required. A user programs the KTS using their standard Web browser after entering the IP address and a user name/password.

Quick Transfer to Voice Mail
Allows a station user to transfer a call directly to the called party’s voice mail. The station number can be dialed while performing a screened transfer or during intercom calls.

Remote Office Connection
The SV8100 provides the ability to connect 16 multiple systems (or branches) together seamlessly via the internet or dedicated network connections. And, incoming and outgoing calls can be made over the internet as well, saving drastically over copper telephone company lines for local and long distance calling.

Secretary Call (Buzzer)
Lets two co-workers alert each other without disturbing their work. To have Secretary Call, both co-workers must have multiline terminals with Secretary Call buzzer keys. When a user presses their buzzer key, the system alerts the called extension by sending a splash tone and flashing the called extension's buzzer key. The called user can respond by placing an intercom call to the calling party. The called extension's buzzer key continues to flash and the splash tone is heard until either user cancels the Secretary Call.

Secretary Call Pickup
Lets a multiline terminal user easily reroute calls intended for a co-worker to themselves. By pressing a Secretary Call Pickup key, the user can have all calls to a co-worker's telephone ring or voice-announce theirs instead. Secretary Call Pickup is a simplified type of Call Forward with Follow Me for employees who work closely together.

Selectable Display Messaging
An extension user can select a preprogrammed Selectable Display Message for their extension. Display multiline terminal callers see the selected message when they call the user's extension. Selectable Display Messaging provides personalized messaging. For example, an extension user could select the message "GONE FOR THE DAY". Any display multiline terminal user calling the extension may hear a DND signal and then see the message. An extension user can add digits for date, time or telephone number after messages. For example, an extension user could select the message "ON VACATION UNTIL" and then enter the date.

Selectable Ring Tones
An extension user can change the way trunks or internal calls ring their telephone. Selectable Ring Tones allow an extension user to set up unique ringing for their calls.

Each display telephone provides interactive softkeys for intuitive feature access. It is no longer necessary to remember feature codes to access the telephone's advanced features because the function of the softkeys change as the user processes calls

Speed Dial - System/Group/Station is enhanced
There are three types of Speed Dialing: System, Group and Station. All co-workers can share the System Speed Dialing numbers. All co-workers in the same Speed Dialing Group can share the Group Speed Dialing numbers. Station Speed Dialing numbers are available only at a user's own extension. The system has 2000 Speed Dialing bins that you can allocate between System and Group Speed Dialing. A maximum of 65 Speed Dialing Groups are available. Each Speed Dialing bin can store a number up to 24 digits long.

Station Relocation
Allows a station to be moved from one location to another, without having to reprogram the station data. The station’s features and extension number are the same after it is moved to the new location.

Unified Messaging – is an available option
The SV8100 Voice Processing system, using a Local Area Network, provides Unified Messaging services for voice, fax and e-mail messages with access at either the desktop PC using programs like Outlook or from the telephone. Unified Messaging lets the PC control telephone calls and information about each inbound and outbound call.

VOIP (Voice Over IP) – is an available option
The new SV8100 provides for IP as well as the standard TDM telephones. IP telephones provide the same features as the TDM phones but provide these features from anywhere in the World Wide Internet. The IP phones may be located at home or in remote workers locations just as if they were sitting in the main office.

The new SIP VOIP internet lines are available now with the SV8100. Calls can be made through the internet, replacing the local phone companies and reducing cost.

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