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Emergency Notification Network Solution

Emergency Notification Network Solution | Emergency Notification SystemMass Notification: Fast Response to Emergency Situations

As part of your comprehensive crisis and mass notification plan, a paging and intercom system plays a vital role. Whether you are evacuating a single school or locking down the entire district, the ability to communicate clearly and quickly is critical.

Rauland Telecenter systems let you communicate real-time to every classroom, every corridor, and throughout every corner of your K-12 facility or campus.

Multiple Communication and Notification Options
As situations change, use live announcements, emergency tones, and pre-recorded instructional messages to direct students and staff. First responders get automated voice announcements via phone - during a fire or security event whether they are in the building or offsite. Telecenter systems can interface to other systems in your facility for a coordinated response.

Access From Anywhere
Users can access the system from an office telephone, an emergency paging microphone, or a cell phone. A hands-free intercom and in-classroom panic buttons let you know exactly who needs assistance.
Support your crisis communications plan with Telecenter.

Everywhere Connections
Telecenter U is a Web-based system that connects the notification systems you already have in place throughout your School's campus and across the entire School district. The system links all of the separate communication technologies, Intercom, Paging, Public Address, Emergency, to all locations to deliver a seamless unified solution.

Its designed to handle the three Es that matter in your environment: Emergencies, Event management, and Everyday communications.

Telecenter U leverages your investment in your existing IT
structure by working with systems you have in place today,
whether or not theyre made by Rauland-Borg.

All communication functions are easily accessible from any device with a Web browser.

No one else knows the educational environment as well as we
do or can deliver a complete solution for your school or district.

Telecenter U by Rauland-Borg is the smartest way to connect your entire educational universe.

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