Daylight Saving Time Change General Information

Daylight Saving Time Change General Information | Resources

Remember to Spring Forward in March

Smeed Communication Services would like to remind you to update your system for Daylight Saving Time on:

In 2019, Daylight Saving time change begins on Sunday March 10th and ends on November 4th at 2:00am. Remember to Spring Forward in March.

Some systems may require a manual time setting change. We have additional information for setting time on several systems in out "How To Tips" on our resources page. If you need additional information please contact us at our contact us link.

Most of our systems have Automatic Daylight Saving dates programmed into them. These dates can only be reprogrammed by our service technicians. This will require an on site service call. We will reprogram on a first come first serve basis. Please place a service request on our service page for time change programming by our service staff.

Most Voice Mail systems will require the above reprogramming services. This can be done at the same time as the telephone system and will be at no additional cost while servicing the telephone equipment.

NEC SV9100, SV8100 telephone systems with automatically adjust for the time change.

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