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FCC Identifies End-Dates for Wireless Mics in the 700 MHz Band

FCC Identifies End-Dates for Wireless Mics in the 700 MHz Band | Houses of Worship Articles and InstallationsThe Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently announced several key dates that will affect those who manufacture, sell, lease, distribute and install wireless microphone systems. As of June 12, 2010, wireless microphone use must cease between the 698 and 806 MHz band. Users in churches, convention centers, entertainment venues, schools and other facilities will need to re-tune or use equipment that does not operate within the 700 MHz band.

If a microphone does not operate on frequencies within the 700 MHz band, no action is required. Wireless microphones currently operate in a variety of different frequency bands, including many frequencies outside of the 700 MHz band. Only those wireless microphones using the 700 MHz band must cease operating. Some wireless microphones that operate in the 700 MHz band can be successfully retuned to operate in frequencies other than 700 MHz. If the wireless microphone operates only in the 700 MHz frequency band, it will need to be replaced.

The FCC has banned the manufacture, sale and import of wireless microphones intended for the 700 MHz band. As early as February 28, manufacturers, distributors, rental houses and retailers must include a written consumer notice at the point of sale detailing the operation of non-licensed products with certain restrictions within the 700 MHz band.

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